Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Nap Time!

Taking a nap with Ryan!


The Boys Splash Down!

The men of the group take their turn in the water!
 Male #1
 Male #1
 Male #2
 Male #2
 Male #3
 Male #4
Male #4

The Girls Bath Time!

The Girls are clean and ready for the Holiday!
 Female #1
 Female #2
 Female #3

 Female #4
Female #5

Winging it!

The puppies have had lots of fun playing with bird wings! Everyone has had a turn at  playing and has done fine!


Play Time!

 The puppies have found the Big Dogs food,
 the rug,
 and Mommy!
(She was trying to hide)
Now they have to settle for water!

Aunt Honey!

Aunt Honey is celebrating Ryan's 8th Birthday!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Feeding Time!

 Waging Tails mean Happy Puppies!
 Notice the little girl climbing over mommy's back! She is trying the sneak attack!